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Services of a Notary

Notaries are fully legally qualified, most being also Solicitors but all have to qualify beyond the academic and practical level of a Solicitor.

Notaries arrived in England with the Romans and have been practising throughout Europe ever since.

The primary function of a Notary is to act totally independently and to verify and testify as to facts, which carry legal implications. This usually involves the Notary preparing and/or witnessing documents for use in a foreign jurisdiction, as Solicitors only have jurisdiction within England and Wales.

  • I can act very speedily as a Notary, due to being a Specialist Notary, not practising as well as a Solicitor.
  • I can often see you as a Notary on the same day and conclude business immediately.
  • I can even see you as a Notary at home or in the office and sometimes on Saturdays.

Typically, the type of Services provided by a Notary include the following:

  • Declarations for sponsoring applicants for Visas for entry into the UK.
  • Preparing and/or swearing of Affidavits for many uses e.g. Lost Passports, Court Cases, Name Verification,
  • Powers of Attorney which can be used to appoint someone to act for you in numerous different circumstances in foreign countries when you are unable to go personally e.g. to buy or sell property.
  • Witnessing signatures and verifying identities.
  • Certifying originals or copies of original documents.
  • Attending to documents for use in foreign property transactions.
  • Company matters e.g. Agency and Contract dealings abroad. Cross border transactions. Verification of Company Standing.
  • Witnessing Patent Assignments.
  • IN FACT any documents which require to be used in a foreign country but require authentication/validation here by a Notary.