anthony holt

Companies and Business

I currently act for many companies both large and small. Some are well known brand names.

If you have dealings with foreign countries, whether it be as customer, supplier or have a subsidiary or partner abroad, the chances are that one day you will need the services of a Notary. Typically, the services available include:

Witnessing a Director’s or appointed representative’s signature on documents eg:

  • Powers of Attorney and third-party authorisations
  • Agency agreements.
  • Tenders
  • Contracts
  • Patent assignments
  • Bank paperwork
  • HMRC or VAT documents
  • Certification of corporate ID and structure

Notarising a vast number of forms, letters or paperwork requested from abroad. Swearing Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.

The Company or Business can benefit from my extensive experience since 1985 and should make contact through their Company Secretary/Financial Director/CEO or their PAs to discuss how to deal with the Notarisation of the documents in question.

It is possible that the documents may require legalisation at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office by Apostille and/or at the Embassy or Consulate of the country concerned. I can arrange for these formalities to be undertaken swiftly and efficiently.

I will always be prepared to give an estimate of the cost of lengthy or complex Notarial paperwork.

Usually it is highly beneficial to attend at your premises so that the correct paperwork can be collated. This also has the benefit of freeing up the time of the Director(s) involved.

Finally, and most importantly, an appointment can often be made on a “same day” basis, as we realise that urgent and important deadlines have to be met and are often presented at very short notice.


There are special requirements for a number of Middle or Far Eastern Countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China.

I am always fully up to date with all such requirements.